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Ristorante Enogastronomico nella Maremma Toscana

Il Tufo Allegro

di Domenico Pichini

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My wine cellar


 WINE    LIST                                                                                                                                                            These are just some of the most prestigious 550 wines of quality present in my cellar.                            At the summit I put  the local wines  coming from the same soil where   the excellent produce grow  ,the same I use  in my dishes….the combination is obvious:
FRANCIOT               (Poggio Concezione)
FRANZ                            (Sassotondo)
SAN LORENZO              (Sassotondo)      ALICANTE                      (Poggio del Tufo)
VIE CAVE                       (Antinori)

     In second place I put Tuscan wines because, already over 2000 years ago, during Etruscan and Roman times,the wines from these lands set off to reach very distant places,such as the current Paris…..and since then the wines of Tuscany are appreciated  throughout  the world.  
BRUNELLO                    (Pacenti)
UGOLAIO                       (Lisini)                                            
SALVIONI                       (La Cerbaiola)
CAPANNELLE  (Ten. Trinono -Sarteano)
SYRAH                           (Casa Vic)
GROTTE ROSSE           (Salustri)
 Finally ,a selection of excellent wines produced in other italian regions:
 BARBARESCO    ( Marchesi di Gresy)
 BAROLO               (Conterno Fantino)
 AMARONE                    (Tommasi)
 PINOT NERO                (Termeno)
 I ROSSI                      (Le Due Terre)

and,of course,a wide selection of  amazing SPARKLING WINES !!!

In Pitigliano already more than 2500 years ago in the cellars of tuff like mine, the Etruscans kept their wine in earthenware amphorae.
Even today these cellars are the best storage environment for wine in the bottle due to the natural conditions of stability in temperature, humidity and light glow.
So in my old cellar I keep a selection of wines to satisfy the widest possible range of combinations with my  dishes, and meet different personal needs of my clients.
Ristorante Il Tufo Allegro
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