IL TUFO ALLEGRO                          
icolo della Costituzione 5  Pitigliano 58017 
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Ristorante Enogastronomico nella Maremma Toscana

Il Tufo Allegro

di Domenico Pichini



Wellcome to our site!
Even in the kitchen tradition is what continues to live in the present and not what belongs irrevocably to the past ...
We are here to welcome you,following the principles of Slow Food and Short Chain,  after you have visited this country, which remains the most precious things of its long past,even of its genuine and healthy country cooking.
                   Domenico e Valeria
Service hours        :     Lunch from 12 to 2.30 p.m          Dinner from  8 p.m to 10.30 p.m

Closed                   :     Monday: full day                          Tuesday:  No Lunch

Vacation                :      Genuary/February                       ( Notice  from  December)

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Ristorante Il Tufo Allegro
Vicolo Costituzione 5 - 58017 Pitigliano (GR)  Tel.:  +39 0564616192 / +39 3351028814  -
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